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Closure to “A Lagrangian drifter for surveys of water surface roughness in streams” by CHRISTIAN NOSS, KAAN KOCA, PEGGY ZINKE, PIERRE-YVES HENRY, CHRISTY USHANTH NAVARATNAM, JOCHEN ABERLE and ANDREAS LORKE, J. Hydraulic Res.

Author(s): Pierre-Yves Henry; Jochen Aberle; Christian Noss; Andreas Lorke; Christy Ushanth Navaratnam; Kaan Koca; Peggy Zinke

Linked Author(s): Christy Ushanth Navaratnam, Peggy Zinke, Pierre-yves Henry, Jochen Aberle

Keywords: No Keywords

Abstract: The Authors appreciate the discussion and thank the Discussers for the extended validation of the Lagrangian drifter through a comparison of measured surface roughness with predictions using the analytical model for stationary gravity-capillary waves by Dolcetti and García Nava (2019). Moreover, the Discussers evaluated the experimental conditions where the drifter methodology might fail due to sensor limitations and the physical size of the instrument. These two limitations represent the lower and upper limits of detection for surface roughness measurements using the drifter.


Year: 2021

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