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A Lagrangian drifter for surveys of water surface roughness in streams By CHRISTIAN NOSS, KAAN KOCA, PEGGY ZINKE, PIERRE-YVES HENRY, CHRISTY USHANTH NAVARATNAM, JOCHEN ABERLE and ANDREAS LORKE, J. Hydraulic Res. 58(3), 471–488.

Author(s): Simon J. Tait; Giulio Dolcetti

Linked Author(s): Simon Tait, Giulio Dolcetti

Keywords: No Keywords

Abstract: The Discussers congratulate the Authors for developing an instrument capable of accurately measuring the water surface roughness of free surface turbulent flows in a Lagrangian frame, and for using the instrument to collect data to empirically develop a set of relations between the water surface standard deviation and some hydraulic parameters of the flow. The Authors highlighted the need for further experiments in order to clarify the physical mechanisms behind these relations; however, we believe that a deeper insight into such processes (and a further validation of their experimental results) can already be extracted from their data, as discussed below.


Year: 2021

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