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Free-surface behaviour of shallow turbulent flows

Author(s): Andrew Nichols; Simon J. Tait; Fabio Muraro; Kirill V. Horoshenkov; Giulio Dolcetti

Linked Author(s): Simon Tait, Giulio Dolcetti

Keywords: Ir–water interface interactions; Free surface; Gravity-capillary waves; Open channel flows; Surface behaviour; Surface–hydrodynamics interactions; Turbulence-induced waves

Abstract: Over the last two decades, interest in the free-surface behaviour of gravity-driven shallow turbulent flows has increased considerably. It is believed that observation of free-surface behaviour can provide useful information about the hydrodynamic characteristics of the flow and enable remote retrieval of these characteristics to non-invasively and rapidly monitor river flows. At the current state the literature presents scattered knowledge and also exhibits non-uniformity in the terminology used. This paper is a review of the state-of-art of this area of research and was created with two objectives: to gather the information relevant to understand the linkages between the free-surface behaviour and underpinning hydrodynamic processes while using a uniform terminology, and to analyse the gaps in our knowledge of this critical topic.


Year: 2021

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