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Mechanism of low frequency high amplitude pressure fluctuation in a pump-turbine during the load rejection process

Author(s): Deyou Li; Zhigang Zuo; Hongjie Wang; Xianzhu Wei; Hong Chang; Xiaolong Fu

Linked Author(s): Deyou Li

Keywords: Load rejection process; Low frequency pressure fluctuation; Numerical simulation; Pump-turbine

Abstract: Owing to the complexity of the load rejection process, the accompanied complex low frequency pressure fluctuations and their sources have not been determined. Herein, the load rejection transient process of a pump-turbine was simulated with a three-dimensional (3-D) large eddy simulation method and a dynamic mesh technology. The simulation results were validated against the experimental data. Through the joint time-frequency analysis of simulated pressure, the complex low frequency pressure fluctuation components were captured, which are generally lower than the rated rotational frequency of the runner. A comprehensive formation mechanism of these complex low frequency pressure fluctuation components was attributed to three transient hydraulic phenomena and their interactions: the water hammer in the pump-turbine, local reverse flow near the runner inlet, and 3-D blocking water ring in the vaneless space. These findings facilitate the elucidation and elimination of complex low frequency high amplitude pressure fluctuations during the load rejection transient process.


Year: 2021

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