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Pressure Laplacian Measurement with a Bioinspired Fish-Shaped Lateral Line Probe

Author(s): Jeffrey A. Tuhtan; Juan Fran Fuentes-Perez; Martin Schletterer; Maarja Kruusmaa

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Keywords: Turbulence; Vorticity; Pressure; Laplacian; Lateral line probe

Abstract: In Nature, turbulence is the rule and laminar flows are the exception. Despite rapid advances in laboratory flow sensing equipment, field-ready technologies are needed to measure, quantify and categorize turbulent flows in-natura. Motivated by fishes’ highly-evolved flow sensing system, we have built and tested a bioinspired lateral line probe capable of measuring turbulent flows in the field. Fundamentally, the velocity and pressure fields are related by their gradients via the pressure Laplacian. We show that the lateral line probe as a synchronous collocated pressure sensing array provides the ability to measure these gradients, providing a new source of turbulent flow information from “a fish’s perspective”.


Year: 2017

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