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CFD Coupled with Kinetic Models in Wastewater Treatment Applications

Author(s): J. Climent; L. Basiero; R. Martinez; C. Pena; P. Carratala; J. Vilarroig; G. Monros; A. Macias; R. Arnau; R. Garcia; J. G. Berlanga; S. Chiva

Linked Author(s): Ricardo García, Tlanezi Lucero Martinez Reyes, Carlos Eduardo Cubillos Peña

Keywords: Ctivated sludge models; Computational fluid dynamics; Hydrodynamics; Residence time distribution; Wastewater

Abstract: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques are well known and widely used in different fields related to hydrodynamics. This work shows its utility on the design, control and operation of the main processes that takes place in the activated sludge processes of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). Different configurations of full-scale aerated bioreactors were successfully performed by means of single and two-phase (gas-liquid) approaches CFD models coupled with kinetics. Submerged and superficial aerators were studied with the purpose to reproduce hydrodynamics and oxygen transfer in detail; it provided deep knowledge of fluid behavior inside the tanks. In this study, it is described the implementation of biochemical reactions as a useful tool to assess pollutant removal process by means of calculating the spatial distribution of both the reaction rates and the state variables. This work provides an overview of CFD applied to WWTP including experimental measurements required for CFD models validation.


Year: 2017

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