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Nanophotonic Sensing Technology for High Sensitivity Analysis of Water Resources

Author(s): J. Garcia-Ruperez; S. Ponce-Alcantara; D. Ortiz De Zarate; R. Caroselli; F. Prats; A. Ruiz-Tortola; D. Martin-Sanchez; P. Martinez-Perez

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Keywords: Photonics; Sensor; High sensitivity; Biological detection; Contaminants

Abstract: In this work we review different nanophotonic-based sensing technologies being developed by our group, which can be used as the core transduction elements of high performance water analysis devices. Sensing technology based on nanophotonic structures allows detecting extremely low concentrations of chemical/biological targets/contaminants with the possibility of deploying analysis platforms suitable for real-time on-site testing/monitoring.


Year: 2017

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