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Simulation of Runoff Generation and Erosion in a Mediterranean Watershed Using 2D Shallow Water Equations

Author(s): J. Fernandez-Pato; C. Juez; A. Tena; R. J. Batalla; P. Garcia-Navarro

Linked Author(s): Pilar García-Navarro

Keywords: Distributed models; Shallow water equations; Runoff generation; Erosion; Hillslope

Abstract: In this work, a simulation of rainfall/runoff and erosion processes is carried out in a Mediterranean watershed (Algars river catchment). For this purpose, a 2D Shallow Water model is used for the surface flow computation, in order to take advantage of its distributed features. This allows to take into account all the catchment features, including topography detailing, roughness spatial distribution or different soil permeability areas. The precipitation losses are computed using the Curve Number model (SCS-CN), since the considered storm event has a compact rainfall pattern which is adequate for this model. The erosion is calculated by means of the Hillslope Erosion Model (HEM), which allows a fast and simple computation of the solid discharge. All these features will be incorporated in the hydraulic model River Flow2D.


Year: 2017

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