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Design Optimisation of the Coastguard Harbour at Sidab (Oman) Through Numerical Modelling of Waves, Tides and Water Quality

Author(s): M. A. Sarker; M. Adams; A. Sleigh; Alistair Reid; Khalid Al Shabibi

Linked Author(s): Andrew Sleigh

Keywords: Numerical modelling; Wave propagation; Wave penetration; Tides and currents; Harbour flushing; Water quality; Circulation; Coastguard; Ports and harbours; Breakwaters

Abstract: As part of the design process of the Sidab Coastguard harbour in Oman, 2-dimensional wave transformation modelling was carried out to generate inshore wave conditions (outside the harbour) using the MIKE21 Spectral Wave (SW) model of DHI. The MIKE21Boussinesq Wave (BW) model was then used to simulate the wave penetration so that acceptable wave conditions were achieved inside the harbour. Tide levels and currents (speeds and directions) inside and outside the harbour were simulated using the MIKE21 Hydrodynamic (HD) model. Finally, the MIKE21 model was used to simulate the flushing mechanism to ensure good water quality inside the harbour. Both the existing and proposed harbour layouts were modelled for operational and extreme conditions. The influence of cyclones on the design was also considered. An acceptable harbour layout was determined which provided good shelter from waves and with an exchange rate of water between the harbour and the sea which was high enough to prevent eutrophication and to allow removal of man-made pollutants such as accidental oil spills. The paper compares the findings of the present study with a range of internationally used guidelines on harbour flushing. Finally, the paper demonstrates the value of using numerical modelling technique in optimising the layout of a new harbour.


Year: 2010

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