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Development of an Eddy Viscosity Model in Surf Zone

Author(s): Sabaruddin Rahman; Akira Mano; Keiko Udo

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Keywords: Rtificial viscosity; Boussinesq-type equations; Eddy viscosity; Plunging breaker; Surf zone

Abstract: The objective of this study is to develop an eddy viscosity model applicable for Boussinesq-type equations as well as sediment transport equations. First, an overview of the development of Boussinesq-type equations for application in coastal area is presented. The proposed eddy viscosity model is calibrated based on ReynoldsAveraged Navier-Stokes with Volume of Fluid (RANS-VOF) data. The applicability of eddy viscosity simulating wave breaking will be discussed. Numerical results are then compared with laboratory experimental data in order to verify the applicability of the numerical model to the simulations of plunging breaker wave. The model-experiment comparisons indicate the ability of the proposed eddy viscosity model to simulate wave breaking.


Year: 2010

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