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Feasible Mechanical Solutions for Screening Marine Life from Entering Power Plant Seawater Intakes

Author(s): S. Neelamani; F. Al-Hulail

Linked Author(s): Neelamani Subramani

Keywords: Jelly fish; Seaweeds; Filtering; Impingement; Entrainment; Geo-textile screens; Porous rubble barriers

Abstract: Invasion of seawater intake structures by school of jelly fish, small fishes and sea weeds is a real problem for many power plants constructed on the coast. A power plant in Kuwait is periodically suffering with this problem. The feasibility of different types of mechanical screening solutions are investigated to filter these invasive marine lives. The merits and demerits of the following six types of mechanical solutions are studied: 1. Surface emerging porous rubble mound breakwater with geo-fabric type filter barrier 2. Partially submerged wall with filtering of water using submerged rubble and geo-fabric filters 3. Flexible perforated vertical screens spanning the width of channels 4. Flexible screens at the entrance of the channel with air burst type periodic cleaning of the porous flexible screen. 5. Water Intake from Doha East intake structure using tunnels connecting Doha West Power Station intake and Doha East Power Station intake 6. Dynamic drum screen system spanning the width of the channel Investigations were carried out to understand the technical feasibility and economically viability of these solutions. It is necessary to assure that the selected solution is environment friendly and it should prevent both impingement and entrainment of plankton and juvenile aquatic life. The first three solutions are technically feasible and needs periodic cleaning, which may be expensive. Solution 5 is desirable, but it may create unwanted problem for the neighboring power plant due to increased flow of water into that power plant intake entrance. Solution 6 is technically viable and may be economical but environmentally not suitable. The dynamic movement of the drum screen may destroy the marine life due to entrainment and impingement. Based on the study, solution 4 is seems most suitable. The paper provides the details for all these different mechanical solutions, merits and demerits of using them.


Year: 2010

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