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Study of Transmission Characteristics of Semicircular Breakwater with Perforations on Both Sides

Author(s): Arkal Vittal Hegde; C. Ganesh; Vishal Kumar

Linked Author(s): Arkal V Hegde

Keywords: Physical model; Incident wave steepness; Coefficient of transmission; Depth parameter; Both sides perforated; Wave transmission; Wave probes

Abstract: Abstract: Breakwaters are the most important harbor structures constructed with the main purpose of being able to withstand and dissipate the dynamic energy caused by wave action. Due to the advances made in the design and construction techniques, new types of breakwater are being introduced these days. One such breakwater is the Semicircular Breakwater (SBW). The SBW has high stability against the wave forces and is a soft feature with a round top (caisson). It is commonly used as an offshore breakwater designed to protect beaches from erosion and to provide tranquility conditions in harbors. The paper presents the physical model studies carried out to evaluate the transmission characteristics of the non-overtopping SBW. It is found that the transmission coefficient, K t increases with increase in incident wave steepness, H i /g T 2 (Hi=incident wave height, T=wave period), and it decreases with increase in depth parameter, d/g T 2 (d=water depth). It is also found that the transmission coefficient increases with decrease in S/D ratio (S=spacing of perforations, D=diameter of perforations).


Year: 2010

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