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Effect of Effluent Discharges to Pomfret Fish: An Indicator to Marine Pollution in Kuwait

Author(s): Ah Bu-Olayan; And Bv Thomas

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Keywords: Inorganic pollutants; Bioaccumulation; Pomfret

Abstract: The intensification of environmental stress greatly contributes to the significant rise of trace metal pollution in Kuwaiti water resources making threats on aquatic life. This instigated us to determine the effect of effluent discharges that mainly contained trace metals (Pb, Ni, V, Cd and As), on the commercially relished Pomfret, Pampus argenteus and also in relation to nutrient levels in seawater. The sequence of Pb> Cd> Ni> V> As levels were observed in both Kuwait Bay and Coastal waters sites. Nutrient levels were observed in the sequence of Silicate> Nitrate> Phosphate in both the sites. Observations showed high trace metals and nutrient levels in Kuwait Bay than in the Coastal waters. Besides the observations of high trace metal concentrations in the body parts of P. argenteus, statistical tests showed significant correlation between fish length (15cm-30cm) and the body parts. Furthermore, bioaccumulation factor (BAF) in their body parts was in the sequence of As> V> Ni> Cd> Pb and high in Kuwait Bay than in the coastal waters. These results not only validated aging studies or as an indicator to trace metal pollution but also supported evidences to the intensity and effect of accidently discharged effluents from various thermal, power and desalination plants to the marine environment.


Year: 2010

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