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Bubble Occurrence and Wave Speed Under the Condition of Negative Surge Pressure

Author(s): Yudai Shimoasa; Yukio Kono; Kazumi Ishikawa; Akira Haga; Kazuo Kato; Kota Sugawara

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Keywords: Wave speed; Two-phase flow; Negative surge pressure; Bubble occurrence; Void fraction; Waterhammer

Abstract: Recently, micro-bubble is started to use fish cultivation. Micro-bubble that size of air bubble is 10-6 m is known that gives fish good influence. For example, supply oxygen to sea water, advance growth of shell, cooling and purification of sea water, cleaning of shell culture. In this study, we focus occurrence of micro-bubble in water and study how to measure the bubble. We introduce some computational techniques to analyze such phenomena associated with unsteady pipeline flows as water hammer and vaporization. In particular, we show how to analyze a liquid flow and a liquid-vapor two-phase flow when they coexist. We present some numerical results obtained by wave speed in two-phase mixture flow, and examine their correspondence with experimental results.


Year: 2010

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