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Discussion on Reservoir Dispatch During a Sudden Accident of Water Pollution in a Long Distance River

Author(s): Shen-guang Fang; Li-qin Cui; He Yong

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Abstract: A mathematical model of river hydrodynamics with cascade reservoirs and pollutant has been established and verified by using analytic solutions of partial differential equation for transportation and diffusion. Ten dispatch schedules of single or multi- reservoirs have been set up and executed according to that a pollution accident occurred upstream or downstream to a reservoir. It shows that which dispatch schedule should be selected was decided by sensitive factors of a target river segment downstream. A dispatch model of large flux with short time duration by utilizing a reservoir nearest to the segment was more appropriate for which was more sensitive to concentration than other factors, while a model of appropriate flux discharge with long time duration was more suitable for those being more sensitive to extra concentration retention of pollutants. Compared with a single reservoir dispatch, multi-reservoirs have larger effective storage capacity to reduce the loss by a sudden water pollution accident better by supplement water step by step from upstream to downstream.


Year: 2018

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