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Research on Emergency Control Mode of Sluice Gates in Water Delivery Canal

Author(s): Yan-hua Nie; Ling-min Liao; Guo-bing Huang

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Abstract: The regulation of sluice gates(control gates, dividing gates and exit sluices) in water delivery canal is very important and complicated especially in emergency conditions. Most of existing achievements are about canal control theory or based on normal operation condition, lack of researches about emergency joint dispatch under accident conditions and its internal mechanism. In this paper, a mathematical model for emergency dispatch of a long water delivery canal was established to study gate control modes. Some typical operating conditions were selected as study cases and some indicators which could affect safety and economical efficiency of project operation like water level, return water, gate action times were selected as measuring indices. The simulation calculations about different gate control modes of control gates and exit sluices(control speed, open and close time, action frequency, etc)were carried out, through changing gate group control modes to simulate disturbances in emergency regulating process, then track the unsteady flow hydraulic response of channel, analyze the variation of hydraulic parameter, ascertain the relationship between disturbances and channel hydraulic response, summarize the induction mechanism at last. The results can enrich canal gate emergency control theory and improve operation safety and economical efficiency. They can also provide scientific guidances for operation of water diversion projects to enhance emergency disposal ability, and it has strong academic and practical value.


Year: 2018

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