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Study on Water Resources Optimal Regulation of Inter-Basin Water Transfer Project

Author(s): Jigang Ma; Haofang Wang; Libin Zhao; Song Wei

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Abstract: Water resources optimal regulation is an important means to mitigate the shortage of water resources and promote social and economic sustainable development in regions or watershed. With the rapid development of urban population and industrial and agricultural production in recent years, the shortage of water is becoming more and more serious in Jiaodong area. The four regions with serious water shortage including Weifang, Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai in Jiaodong area are the typical research areas. In combination with the water transfer project of Yellow river to Qingdao and the south-to-north water transfer project, the water diversion is carried out to alleviate the contradiction between water supply and demand of Jiaodong area. The year of 2014 deemed as the base year and the years of 2020 and 2025 are the planning years. Based on the supply and demand analysis of water resources, an optimal regulation model is built with the minimum total water shortage considering the constraints of water supply capacity of project, water distribution capacity and minimum water supply of bleeds and so on. The optimal regulation schemes are obtained by solution model using MATLAB programming. The results show that water shortage rate of the four cities decreases significantly in annual regulation. For different planning years, guarantee rate of 50%, 75% and 95%,the total water shortage rate will be reduced by 15.35%、15.75% and 16.85% respectively in 2020, and in 2025the total water shortage rate will be reduced by 13.27%、13.26% and 14.19% respectively. Therefore the water resources optimal regulation of inter-basin water transfer project can effectively mitigate water scarcity and the contradiction between water supply and demand in Jiaodong area.


Year: 2018

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