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The Design and Check of Regional Typical Rainfall Processes: A Case Study of Yongnian District, China

Author(s): Zihao Man; Qinghua Luan; Dan Xu; Congwu Sun; Yongzhen Niu

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Abstract: Observing and analyzing runoff process is an important method to study the principle of runoff yield and concentration. However, natural rainfall is random and difficult to monitor the related runoff process timely, so most of the runoff processes analysis is based on the artificial rainfall experiments. In this study, the selected test site is located in Yongnian district, Hebei Province, China. Rainfall volume, rainfall peak, rainfall duration and peak ratio were considered as the key factors of designed rainfall type. Based on regional historical observed rainfall data from 1980 to 2012, the two mainly representative processes which was in flood season and non-flood season respectively, were calculated. The most typical rainfall process in each period was screened through two methods of characteristic frequency distribution. Furthermore, accuracy of rainfall intensity and uniformity of spatial and temporal distribution were selected as the criteria for correcting the artificial rainfall devices. This research is the foundation of the artificial runoff experiment and provide reference to regional climate change research and local water resources assessment.


Year: 2018

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