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Discussion on Core Technique and General Software Platform of River Water Resources Regulation in China

Author(s): Zhiguo Gan; Siyu Cai; Xianhao He

Linked Author(s): Siyu CAI

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Abstract: Due to the aggravation of human activities and global climate changes in recent decades, catchment water cycle has experienced strong variation. The world is faced with profound water crisis, and water problems are especially severe and water disasters are of high frequency in China. Water problems have become significant obstacle factors for realizing sustainable development, which greatly threatens national economy and ecological safety. Given the scientific background of catchment water cycle evolution and water resources comprehensive regulation, we propose the method of solving water problems through water resources operation based on dualistic water cycle theory and discuss the developing status and existing problems of current water resources operation in China. On this basis, we also put forward the technical framework and key process of water resources regulation, which integrates the six links of monitoring, simulation, evaluation, forecasting, regulation and control. Furthermore, aiming at the background of the second phase of National Water Monitoring Capacity Building Project, we introduce a nationwide general software platform for water resources regulation. This platform will realize business collaboration and information sharing among three-scale platform of Ministry of Water Resources, basin authorities and provincial level, so as to overall improve the ability of water resources regulation and decision-making.


Year: 2018

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