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A Hydrodynamic Model Coupled Multiple Scenarios for Plain River Network and Its Application

Author(s): Zhiqiang Zeng; Ji Liang; Mingxiang Yang; Zhaocai Zeng; Yu Lang

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Abstract: The plain river network is not only complex in shape but also contains many complex scenarios, such as interval inflow and outflow, hydraulic structures and water storage area, etc., which increases the difficulty of runoff simulation in plain river network. To address this problem, a hydrodynamic (HD) model coupled multiple scenarios that may occur in plain river network was proposed, which was used to simulate the runoff process of the plain river network. To illustrate the proposed model, Xi River was chosen as a study area. We designed some experiments for each scenario, and the experimental results show that simulation results have good consistency with the observation. It is worth noting that the simulation accuracy of the water level is always higher than the simulation accuracy of the flow. Moreover, the runoff simulation accuracy of runoff events with large runoff is relatively high. It turns out that HD model is suitable for runoff simulation of plain river network. In addition, we compared the flood diversion effects of water storage area and sluice, and the results show that the effect of water storage area is more obvious than sluice, and the flood diversion method combined with sluice and water storage area has better flood diversion effect. In conclusion, HD model is good at simulating floodplain storage effects, backwater and the change of water level and flow under the condition of engineering dispatching, which has important guiding significance for flood control in plain river network.


Year: 2018

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