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Analysis of Complementary Characteristics of Wind/PV/hydro Power Based on the Bundled Output

Author(s): Yanhong Dou; Wei Ding; Yan Huang; Jing Hu; Yu Li; Huicheng Zhou

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Abstract: There is complementarity among wind, photovoltaic, and hydro power (wind/PV/hydro power), which is closely related to the bundled installed capacity of wind/PV/hydro complementary power generation system and regulating ability of hydropower. This paper evaluates the complementary characteristics among wind, PV, and hydro power though the ability of the system to output power smoothly. First, the ratio of installed capacity of wind to PV power is determined by minimizing the volatility of wind/PV joint power generation. Second, an optimization model, with the objective of maximizing grid-connected and steady output of wind/PV/hydro complementary system in the dry season, to determine the bundled output of the system is proposed. Third, the complementary characteristics of wind/PV/hydro power are analyzed by the bundled output and the absorptive rate of new energy in the dry season. The implication in the Yalong River shows that: (1) The optimum ratio of installed capacity of wind to PV power is 0.7. (2) The bundled output of wind/PV/hydro system is 1.742GW, in which 6.3GW are bundled capacity of wind/PV/hydro power. (3) The complementarity of wind/PV/hydro power will be strengthened with the increase of runoff in the dry season and the decrease of the new energy installed capacity. The research can provide guidelines for the planning and design of the clean energy complementary base.


Year: 2018

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