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The Trend and Influencing Factors of Potential Evapotranspiration in the Yellow River

Author(s): Yanyu Dai; Fan Lu; Kui Zhu; Xinyi Song; Yiran Xu

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Abstract: Based on the Penman-Monteith formula recommended by the World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Mann-Kendall trend test method, the variation trend of potential evapotranspiration in the Yellow River Basin from 1952 to 2014 is analyzed. The results showed that the potential evapotranspiration of 43.3% of the 90 meteorological stations in the Yellow River Basin showed a significant upward trend. 30% of the stations showed a significant downward trend, and 26.7% of the stations had no obvious trend of change. In all the secondary areas of water resources, the stations above Longyangxia are basically marked upward. The Longyangxia to the northern part of Lanzhou, the Longmen to the east of Sanmenxia and the Sanmenxia to Huayuankou are all significant descending sites. The change trend of the sites below the Huayuankou is not obvious. In other partition three kinds of sites are distributed. Through the correlation analysis, it is found that the increase of temperature has a great influence on the stations where the potential evapotranspiration is significantly increased, and the decrease of wind speed is the main reason for the significant decrease of potential evapotranspiration in some stations.


Year: 2018

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