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Review on Riverbank Soil Collapse

Author(s): Linjuan Xu; Yuanjian Wang; Wanjie Zhao; Enhui Jiang

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Abstract: Bank slope collapse is a kind of natural phenomenon which commonly existed on both sides of alluvial plain rivers. The mechanism of bank collapse is complex, and it is an interdisciplinary frontier research subject. The collapse of the bank slope will lead to the instability of river regime and frequent changes of erosion and siltation, which will cause great harm to river regulation and people's livelihood. Through review of river bank soil collapse at home and abroad, it is concluded that the main influencing factors of river bank soil collapse are the action of water flow and the soil structure of river bank. In addition, the stability of river bank and the numerical simulation of river bank collapse are also studied by scholars. In view of the above research results, the deficiencies of the current research are pointed out and the research directions that should be followed in the future are put forward.


Year: 2018

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