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Emergy Analysis of Ecological Water Resources in Tarim River Tail Region

Author(s): Xiangping Zhang; Yuanjian Wang; Enhui Jiang; Junhua Li

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Abstract: The lower reaches of the Tarim River (Chala-Taitma Lake) is a typical ecologically fragile and sensitive area in the arid river basin. By 2017, 17 ecological water conveyances have been continuously implemented in this area, and the accumulated ecological water supply has exceeded 6.11 billion m<sup>3<sup/>. It’s necessary to know changement of the Taitema Lake after ecological water transportation. This study investigate the dominant ecological processes on emergy analysis methods and analysis the renewable emergy changement of the Taitema Lake. The results are as follows: (1) Water is the dominant ecological factor in the region, and water resource metabolism is the dominant process in the region's ecosystem evolution. The evolution from desert to lake and wetland ecosystem is the main pattern of ecological water transportation in this area.(2) According to the calculation of the renewable emergy of the Taitema Lake in 2016, the total renewable emergy input is 3.53 x 1020 sej, in which the solar emergy takes up the largest proportion of the total emergy input, which is up to 74.39%.(3) Before 2000, the renewable emergy input in this region tended to decrease. By 2000, there was a significant growing. After 2000, the renewable emergy of the Taitema Lake shows a increasing trend.


Year: 2018

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