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Regional Flood Risk Management Modeling and Application

Author(s): Bojun Liu; Jinliang Zhang; Libin Yang; Siyu Cai; Dawei Zhang; Fusheng Li

Linked Author(s): Dawei Zhang, Siyu CAI

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Abstract: China is one of the countries with frequent flood disaster, and it does fall often with more precipitation especially from June to October in the Yangtze River, which would very easily cause floods thereby seriously threating to the safety of each region along the Yangtze River. How to manage regional flood risk reasonably and efficiently under the new situation of the joint effects of climatic change and human activities deserves more researches. The regional flood risk management model is built and applied in the Jingjiang section of the Yangtze River to derive regional flood processes under the condition of floodwall break and assess the effects of flood on each factor in the region. The built model is reliable and practical with reasonable results, would support some sort of technical help for regional flood risk management, water resources protection and measure-making of flood prevention and disaster mitigation.


Year: 2018

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