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Research on Short-Term Multi-Objective Optimization Scheduling Oriented Peak Regulation of Power Network

Author(s): Mo Li; Yongqiang Wang; Xinwen Gao; Shen Qin

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Abstract: With the succession of river basins and inter-basin hydropower stations, the joint optimal operation of cascade hydropower stations in the river basin has large-scale, nonlinear, strong coupling, and multi-target characteristics, and must consider the effects of hydrometeorology, water demand, and power grid security. Focusing on the preparation of short-term power generation plans for cascade hydropower stations on the Qingjiang River, a comprehensive multi-objetive power generation planning model with the largest total power generation and the least load variance on the power grid is established. Based on the constraint processing method of multi-objective optimization scheduling in long-term, the optimal flow distribution technology is adopted to improve the accuracy of power generation planning. The above model is solved by using SMPSO. The results show that the improved algorithm can effectively overcome the shortcomings of slow convergence speed and easy convergence to local optimum. It can improve the power generation efficiency of the whole cascade while responding to the peaking demand of the power grid and provide a new solution to the short-term power generation planning ideas.


Year: 2018

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