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Study on Selection of Pressure Regulating Valve for Hydropower Station with Both Surge Tank and Pressure Regulating Valve

Author(s): Tianchi Zhou; Gaohui Li; Yimin Chen

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Abstract: The transient process in the hydropower station with both surge tank and pressure regulating valve is quite complicated and also critical to operation safety. According to the pressure regulating valve working principle, the influence of the valve diameter on the unit speed and spiral case pressure was analyzed theoretically. Mathematical models of the surge tank and pressure regulating valve in the hydropower station were established based on the characteristic method. In a practical engineering, numerical simulation of large fluctuation and hydraulic disturbance transient process are conducted, verifying the correctness of the theoretical analysis. Based on the calculation results, three principles for selecting the valve diameter are concluded: first, making sure the unit speed meet the regulating guarantee requirements when guide vanes fast close; second, the maximum spiral case pressure of two times should be approximate to each other by controlling the superposition of surge wave and water hammer; third, the maximum flow of the valve should be as close to the rated flow of the turbine as possible. The principles are helpful for selecting the valve diameter in similar hydropower station.


Year: 2018

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