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Study on Control Mode of Operation Parameter in Hydropower Air Chamber

Author(s): Tingyu Xu; Jian Zhang

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Abstract: This paper makes a deep analysis on PL control mode and static water level control mode, which could control operation parameters more conveniently and ensure safety and stability of hydropower water conveyance system. Considering the physical circumstance of monitoring parameters of the air chamber, the mathematic model of air chamber is built. On the basis of two basic criteria which are the maximum pressure at the end of spiral case and the down surge of the air chamber in hydraulic transient process, one hydropower station with air chamber is taken as an example. Determined by the effects of the upper reservoir water level on monitoring parameters, the allowable ranges of PL and air height could be consulted to control actuating and impeding the air compressor and the exhaust valve in an appropriate way. It is put forward that the maximum (minimum) product of the pressure and air height under dynamic initial condition, the maximum (minimum) air height under dynamic initial condition and static initial condition are determined by the criteria of down surge in the air chamber with large volume air (the criteria of the maximum pressure at the end of the spiral case with small volume air).


Year: 2018

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