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Application of an Improved PSO Algorithm Mixed BFO Algorithm in Optimal Scheduling of Hydropower Station

Author(s): Yibo Zou; Mo Li; Xiaogang Xiao

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Abstract: The optimal scheduling of hydropower station is a constrained strong, nonlinear and multi-stage combinatorial optimization. Aiming at this issue, this paper analyses the shortcomings of previous PSO algorithm in hydropower station optimal scheduling model, and presents an improved PSO algorithm for hybrid BFO algorithm, which overcomes the problem that the PSO algorithm is easy to fall into local extremum and has strong dependence on parameters. A case study of a short-term scheduling period of a hydropower station is used to compare the improved PSO algorithm mixed BFO algorithm with previous PSO algorithm. The results show that the improved PSO algorithm can converge to the global optimal solution more accurately. Therefore, it provides a new method for solving the optimal scheduling model of hydropower station.


Year: 2018

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