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Study on Ecological Scheduling of the Xiaolangdi Reservoir Based on the Ecological Needs of Estuarine Fishes

Author(s): Shimin Tian; Yi Zhao; Yuanjian Wang; Enhui Jiang; Shoubing Yu

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Abstract: The total water amount into the Yellow River estuary is significantly reduced with the construction of a series of reservoirs in the Yellow River, which has a lot of adversely effects on the fishes and fishery resources in the estuary. This research analyzes the impacts of the reservoirs on the runoff and discharge in the Lower Yellow River and the estuary, and pays more attention to the influences of the reduction of water amount on the estuarine ecology and fishes. As a large reservoir nearest to the estuary in the Lower Yellow River, the operation of Xiaolangdi Reservoir plays an important role on the ecological restoration of the lower reaches of the Yellow River and the estuary. Two ecological operation schemes are proposed based on the ecological demands of the estuarine fishes and the actual operation of the Xiaolangdi Reservoir in recent years. One scheme is proposed only on the basis of the estuarine ecological water demands and another scheme takes consideration of ecological water demands and the actual status of the water resources in the Lower Yellow River synthetically. Finally, the feasibility of the two schemes are analyzed according to the actual situation of water storage of the reservoirs in the Yellow River in 2017.


Year: 2018

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