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A Study on the Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Reservoir Sedimentation in Wanjiazhai Reservoir

Author(s): Zhihui Ren; Ting Wang; Yuanjian Wang; Shaojun Qu

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Abstract: Based on measured data of the Wanjiazhai Reservoir in different periods, the characteristics of the spatial and temporal distribution of sedimentation in the reservoir area were preliminarily analyzed and the impact of reservoir operation on this distribution was discussed. Primary conclusions are as followed: in terms of temporal distribution, sedimentation continuously accumulated over the period from 2000 to 2017, with the sediment deposition ratio dramatically decreasing between 2011 and 2017; in terms of spatial distribution, the sedimentation in the reservoir area was mainly concentrated downstream of the WD54 section, with the highest concentration being downstream of the WD23 section. The characteristics of sedimentation distribution in the reservoir area were closely related to inflow and sediment conditions and reservoir operation water level. When the water level was lower than 952 m, the sediment deposition ratio was lower than 0. To further improve the sediment deposition form in the reservoir area, lowering water level and ejecting the sediment are recommended in a timely manner.


Year: 2018

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