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The Practice of Water Operation and Groundwater Protection in the Middle Route of South-to-North Water Transfer Project

Author(s): Jia Li; Yuan-yuan Gao; Liu-qing Yan; Jian-wen Yao; Gui-fang Chen

Linked Author(s): Jia LI

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Abstract: The South-to-North Water Transfer Project plays an important role in guaranteeing the sustainable development of economy and society in North China. The first phase of the middle route of the South-to- North Water Transfer Project (m-SNWTP) has been running safely in the past three years, and the dispatched water amount is increasing. This paper mainly describes the water operation of the m-SNWTP and the groundwater protection in the water-receiving areas. Up to the end of June 2018, more than 1.4×10<sup>10<sup/> m<sup>3<sup/> water had been supplied to the m-SNWTP benefited regions, including 8.65×10<sup>8<sup/> m<sup>3<sup/> environmental water. In addition, the m-SNWTP provides water source guarantee for the environment restoration. Over 1.326 ×10<sup>9<sup/> m<sup>3<sup/> overexploited groundwater has been reduced in the urban areas of the water-receiving areas, and the continuous decline of groundwater level has been effectively curbed.


Year: 2018

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