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Soil Water Transformation Regularity of Farmland for Typical Crop in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region: Experimental and Simulating Analyses

Author(s): Chuiyu Lu; Qingyan Sun; Guoliang Cao; Qinghua Luan; Lingjia Yan; Bo Zhang; Tianchen Li; Bin Lai

Linked Author(s): Guoliang Cao, Chuiyu Lu, Bo Zhang, Qingyan Sun

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Abstract: The transformation process of soil water plays an important role in the hydrological cycle, and is a link to other water processes. Study on the regularity of soil water transformation under agricultural plantation is favorable to understanding the influence of human activities on soil water conversion. Typical crop was selected in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei(BTH) region and the study on regularity of field-scale soil water transformation was carried out by means of crop-soil water field experimental observation combined with model simulation. In the field experiment, testing and observation of irrigated and rainfed maize were simultaneously carried out in the adjacent fields respectively to form a comparative experimental study. The experimental observation data were used to establish the soil water model, which is calibrated in many aspects, such as field water content change during the maize growth period, the soil profile water content distribution at different moments, maize leaf area index and plant height. The results show that this model has an efficient simulation effect. Quantitative study on field evapotranspiration regularity, field soil water flux under irrigated and rainfed modes, impact mechanism of soil water deep seepage during maize growth period was achieved through the simulation of soil water process, and related reference conclusions were also proposed for water resources management and conservation in BTH.


Year: 2018

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