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Study on Long-Term Water Quality Protection Mechanism Framework of Inter-Basin Water Diversion Protect

Author(s): YIN Xiaolin

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Abstract: With the increasing and complicated contradiction between the supply and demand of water resources in recent years, a number of inter-basin water diversion projects have been built in various places in China. The water supply objects of the inter-basin water diversion projects are mostly industrial and domestic water, and the water quality is closely related to the success or failure of the water transfer project, which makes it necessary to establish a long-term water quality protection mechanism. On the basis of analyzing major issues in water quality protection in inter-basin water transfer projects, a long-term mechanism framework for water quality protection was established and elaborated from the aspects of institutional system, water quality goals, risk management, guarantee conditions, feedback mechanism, technical evaluation, administrative assessment, public participation, incentive measures, aiming to provides reference for the water quality safety inter-basin water diversion projects.


Year: 2018

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