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Spatial and Temporal Distribution Characteristics of the Humid Index in North China Plain

Author(s): LI Shuoyang; YANG Guiyu; DUAN Na; WANG Lin

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Abstract: With the development of economy and society and the increase of population, water shortage and a series of water-related problems became universal problems. The north China plain has become a global focal point due to the poor water resource background and the impact of climate change and high-intensity human activity. Water circulation, as the carrier of water resource evolution, was affected by climate change through evapotranspiration and also reacts on the climate through energy change. The humid index, as an index of regional water and heat budget, can reflect the circulation characteristics of water supply and consumption. And it can also connect the water cycle and energy cycle organically. The comprehensive index which can comprehensively reflect the degree of surface moisture -- the surface humid index was adopted to reveal the relationship between water budget and climate change in north China plain. Based on the daily meteorological data of 82 meteorological stations in north China plain from 1960 to 2017, the evolution of wetting degree in the whole region was analyzed and the main influencing factors of the change were analyzed in combination with the main meteorological elements. The relevant research is of certain reference value for sustainable development of north China plain and coping with future climate change.


Year: 2018

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