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Application of Power Matching Deviation Coefficient in Drying Stage Production Control of Dadu River Cascade Hydropower Stations

Author(s): Fuzhi Wang; Zujian Zou; Qingxiang Zhong

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Abstract: The economic indicators of cascade hydropower stations are the main technical means in the current economic operation management, but there are management loopholes in various economic indicators. Aiming at the particularity of the operation of cascade hydropower stations in dry season and the new form of grid reform, combined with the characteristics of various economic indicators, the power matching deviation coefficient is proposed to hedge the loophole of comprehensive water consumption rate, and the price difference is used to balance the spread between cascade hydropower stations. This indicator can correctly guide production and operation personnel to tap potential and increase efficiency and ensure healthy competition while ensuring the overall economic operation. The evaluation system has a good effect in the actual use of the Dadu River cascade hydropower stations, and has obvious promotion effect on the production control of the cascade hydropower stations.


Year: 2018

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