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Analysis and Study of Water Resources Management System at Home and Abroad

Author(s): JIN Chunling; WU Mengjuan; GONG Li; HUANG Linan

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Abstract: In order to enhance the effectiveness of China’s water resources management, China has implemented the most stringent policies in recent years, such as the most stringent water resources management system, the full implementation of the “River Administrator” system, and the “Lake Administrator” system. In this article, we studied the water management systems of six foreign countries, including United States, Canada, Japan, the United of Kingdom, France, and Australia, with exploring and analyzing the operating modes of their management system, to summarize their distinct advantages and common problems, provide reference for the development and perfection of China’s water resources management system, and to better support the sustainable management of China’s water resources and water environment to support the sustainable economic development of the basin and strict water resources management systems and water Implementation of pollution prevention action plans.


Year: 2018

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