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Flood and Waterlogging Disaster Management System in Shenzhen River Basin

Author(s): Guozhen LIU; Qinfeng ZHANG; Shi PENG; Pei LIU

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Abstract: In recent years, "see the sea" in the rainy season has become a high frequency event in cities. Urban flood and waterlogging which are increasing day by day has influenced residents' lives seriously especially in large cities with high population aggregation. As a coastal city with low altitude, Shenzhen, where has a high requirement for the urban drainage system, not only has to face abundant in rainfall but also has to cope with the tide. In this paper, the disaster reduction systems such as rainwater collection, drainage system, flood storage and detention basin, reservoirs and pumping station in the Shenzhen River basin are analyzed and the operation effect is studied. In general, the flood management system of overall planning, emergency scheduling, preparation before flood, key area on duty, and post-rain response has achieved a high level and played an active role in disaster prevention and reduction. The conclusions that Shenzhen River basin has a complete and efficient system of urban flood and waterlogging management, the rainwater collecting and discharging system can meet the requirement of the city and modern design concepts of blocking, storaging, draining, pumping, scheduling which have effectively reduced the disaster have been come.


Year: 2018

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