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Research on the Impact of Upstream Reservoirs Regulation on the Operation of Xiluodu Reservoir

Author(s): Zhiming Liang; Gao Fengxian; Zhang Hairong; Ren Yufeng; Xiao Yao

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Abstract: In order to explore the influence of reservoirs regulation in the upper basin of Xiluodu Reservoir, 11 key reservoirs in the upper reaches of Xiluodu Reservoir are studied. Based on the analysis of its overall regulation performance, the data of upstream reservoir group from 2006 to 2016 is used to analyze the impact of the upstream reservoir group. By dividing scheduling period of Xiluodu Reservoir into different stages, the impact of each stage and the proportion of impacts of each river basin is analyzed, the degree of impact of each basin is clarified. The results reveals that the upstream reservoir group storage accounts for about 20% of the inflow of Xiluodu Reservoir, which can contribute to the actual dispatching work of Xiluodu Reservoir.


Year: 2018

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