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Hydraulic Method to Determine the Ecological Flow for Fish

Author(s): Jun Yan; Xuewei Fu; chengwei Tian; Zhenyu Yang; Qingyan Liu

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Abstract: Social and economic development will influence the nature environment and lead to ecological problems, among which the ecological flow concerns the food chain and fish populations. Although there are many computation formulas for counting ecological flow, it is very difficult to unite and get reasonable values. According to the existing research of ecological flow, the concept and calculation method of ecological flow are analyzed, which shows that in a complex ecological system, ecological water requirement is difficult to meet the requirements of all the protection object of water requirement at the same time. Therefore, we should focus on the specific fish with reference value to build ecological protection object and determine the ecological flow. Furthermore, the ecological flow should be the regulation of water quality and water quantity in time and space. Using hydraulic method, the fish living space under different water flow environments can be determined, and specific time and space regulation schemes can be obtained.


Year: 2018

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