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Dynamic Change of Water Level in Flood Season and Sediment Regulation in the Three Gorges Reservoir

Author(s): Man Zhou; Yangfan Xiao; Chunming Fang; Ting Hu

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Abstract: Based on the operation requirements of flood control, navigation, power generation, flood resource utilization and sediment reduction, this paper developed the schemes with dynamic change of water level at different periods in flood season, and focused on the response relationship between the different schemes with dynamic change of water level in flood season and the change of sediment erosion under the new water and sediment and the measured water and sediment conditions. The results indicate that the total sedimentation volume and the sedimentation volume above elevation 145m are basically about twice that of the new water and sediment series, since the amount of sand entering the reservoir in 2003-2012 is basically twice that of the new flow water and sediment series. Regardless of the type of water and sediment series, the scheme with dynamic change of water level is better than the preliminary design expectation in terms of reservoir siltation and storage capacity loss.


Year: 2018

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