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Numerical Simulation of Flow Field of DN2400 Hedge Dissipator

Author(s): Huipan Tan; Jianghe Sun; Zhifang Liao; Baiyun Zhang; Zherun Tang; Jin Jiang

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Abstract: The distribution of water resources in China is uneven. Long distance water conveyance projects have effectively solved this problem. In the water delivery system, the energy dissipator plays an important role in pressure regulation and regulation. Therefore, the design and structure of the energy dissipator affect the working efficiency and stable operation of the whole water delivery system, and it is of great significance to study the internal flow field of the energy dissipator. Based on a emergency project, this paper studies the internal flow field of the energy dissipation valve in A location and B location in the design conditions, accident conditions and water separation conditions to verify the DN2400 hedging energy dissipation. The rationality of the structural design of the device provides a reference for the design and improvement of the energy dissipator in the future.


Year: 2018

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