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Construction of Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

Author(s): Haiying Zhang

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Abstract: Construction of water supply and drainage engineering is one of the main special courses offered to students whose major is Water Supply and Drainage. Through learning of this course, the students should understand earth and rock works, water drainage in the process of construction, pipe slotting construction, non-pipe slotting construction, underwater construction, energy-saving and noise reduction in the design of water supply and drainage system, mechanical equipment installation, water structure, and maintenance and maintenance. Urban supply system and drainage system are major strong guarantee of development of cities and one of an important infrastructure projects. Therefore, it is required to culture graduate in the field of water supply and drainage engineering. The paper offers a construction plan for the course in the following aspects: revision of teaching content, improvement of teaching method, arrangement of test database and exercise database and ways to increasing teaching effect of this course, and result of construction.


Year: 2018

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