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Multi-Time Scale Analysis of Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope Characteristics and Influence Factors in Precipitation in Vienna

Author(s): Yue Hu; Guo-dong Liu; Cheng-cheng Xia

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Abstract: Based on isotope and meteorology data at Vienna station from 1972 to 2014 provided by GNIP, the average monthly and annual hydrogen and oxygen stable isotopic compositions and main factors were analyzed by using various trend analysis, periodic analysis and correlation analysis methods. The monthly mean isotopic compositions change slightly, reflecting the fact that although Vienna is affected by the maritime climate and the continental climate, the former impact is more significant. The slope and intercept of the LMWL in Vienna changed significantly from October to March, indicating that it was affected by alternating effects of the two climates. The annual mean isotopes show a trend of enrichment, and it has an obvious temperature effect, but the rainfall amount effect does not exist, and no simple linear relationship was found between isotopes and vapor pressure. The annual mean isotopes also show the periodic variation characteristics with scales such as 9-16 years and 18~29 years, and it is concluded that the isotope values will be enriched after 2011 at the scale 22 years. The multivariate regression relationship established by δD and δ<sup>18<sup/>O with three climate parameters of temperature, precipitation and vapor pressure can quantitatively estimate the missing value in isotopic data.


Year: 2018

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