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Study on Optimal Operation of Hydropower Station Group Based on New Electricity Reform and Deviation Assessment

Author(s): Yanmei Zhu; Shijun Chen; Weibin Huang; Diya Xie; Wang Li; Guangwen Ma

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Abstract: The new electricity system reform has brought power generation companies into the market, and the scheduling target of cascade hydropower stations has been transformed from maximizing power generation to maximizing revenue. Market rules require hydropower generators to pay assessment fees for the power generation deviation. Therefore, in order to obtain the desired revenue, power generators should not only obtain more power generation indicators and higher power prices, but also control the power generation deviation and avoid being assessed. In response to the current market environment, the new requirements of the new electricity system reform for hydropower scheduling were analyzed. And based on regional market rules, a scheduling model for cascade hydropower stations with the goal of minimizing generation deviation was established, taking the example of eight cascade hydropower stations in the downstream of Dadu River in Sichuan province as an example, the effectiveness and applicability of the model were verified. The results show that the deviation in each period can be controlled within 1% and meet the basic requirements of market rules.


Year: 2018

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