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Technology Research of Sewage Pipe Network on Initial Rain Water Receiving Capacity

Author(s): Fengchao Liang; Mou Lv; Xiaobo Miao; Jie Song

Linked Author(s): Jie Song

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Abstract: Taking a certain area of a coastal city as the research object, based on the measured data, the model of rainwater pipe network and the hydraulic model of sewage pipe network in the study area were established based on SWMM. According to the set interception target combined with the established SWMM rainwater network model, the specific volume of Rain Water in the initial stage of each Rain Water discharge port is calculated, which is given to the sewage trunk pipe in the form of time series to realize the initial Rain Water interception control and analyze the receiving capacity of the sewage pipe network. In this study, 20% of the initial Rain Water was set up in the study area, which was given in the form of time series to the nodes in the sewage pipe network model. After the initial Rain Water was cut off 20%, part of the pipe segment and the node appeared overload phenomenon, but there was no overflow. After 30% initial Rain Water interception, overflow occurred in some pipe segments.


Year: 2018

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