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APR Reduction Technique Based on OFDM Pilot Filter Bank Limiting for Satellite Mobile Communications

Author(s): Tianfang Dai

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Abstract: Combined with OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing), satellite mobile communications will effectively achieve on-demand communication in areas with an ultra-low density of users. With OFDM multiple access optimization, the bandwidth utilization efficiency can be increased by 5 to 10 times. However, satellites are power-constrained systems, so higher PAPR requires greater power backoff, resulting in a decline in satellite transmission capacity. To use OFDM technology in satellites, there are problems such as reduced transmission capacity resulted from high PAPR, complication of lowering PAPR, and difficulty in hardware implementation. In order to deal with the problem of high bit error rate and hardware implementation difficulties in PAPR reduction technique of non-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing, this paper proposes a limiting PAPR reduction technique with OFDM pilot filter banks for satellite mobile communications. Firstly, the applicability of OFDM in satellite mobile communications is analyzed, and the influence of high PAPR on satellite power utilization and the influence of frequency shift sensitivity on inter-satellite communication interference are obtained. Then design the PAPR reduction technique based on the pilot filter bank. By setting the tunable filter bank to <b>the<b/> pilot, the sideband power suppression in the OFDM frequency domain is realized, and the PAPR of the OFDM signal is reduced. Finally, the experimental results show that the PAPR performance is improved by 3dB without reducing the bit error rate.


Year: 2018

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