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Exploring broader benefits of tidal range schemes

Author(s): Reza Ahmadian; Nicolas Hanousek

Linked Author(s): Nicolas Hanousek

Keywords: IAHR; Hydrolink; offshore renewable energy; tidal energy; tidal range; multi-purpose tidal structures; aquaculture; Reza Ahmadian; Nicolas Hanousek

Abstract: Tidal range energy has long been considered a reliable source of predictable low-carbon energy. Over the recent decades multiple new schemes have been proposed and discussed. Historically a major detractor to the development of new schemes has been their environmental and ecological impacts as well as high capital costs. Understanding the adverse impacts of such schemes and consequently planning to limit them at the early stages of their design could reduce any adverse impacts. As large marine hydraulic structures, tidal range schemes could provide various functionalities and a wide range of other benefits to the region they are built in, beyond generation of electricity. Such benefits could enhance the economic viability of these schemes, as well as improve their public acceptability and subsequently play a key role in the development of these large marine structures.


Year: 2021

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