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Pressure Hydraulic Transients in Engineering Systems: Induced Accidents and Surge Protection - Part1

Author(s): Antonio Betamio de Almeida

Linked Author(s): A.P. Betamio de Almeida


Abstract: 1. To introduce the problem and the importance of pressure fluid transient regimes in hydraulic systems engineering. 2. To present the nature and types of potential problems (accidents and incidents) associated with these transients and the surge protection systems most used in engineering systems. 3. To show examples of cases (accidents) that have or may occur. 4. To show examples of surge protection systems in pumping and hydropower systems. 5. To highlight some future trends to support the systems analysis and to mitigate the risks. It will be an introductory session based on the personal experience of the speaker and a team from the Universidade de Lisboa and the essential contribution that has been transmitted over time by many colleagues from different parts. The detailed development of the topics will be the subject of other sessions of the course.


Year: 2021

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