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Land dynamics and sustainable management of the Fincha River Basin, Ethiopia

Author(s): Motuma Shiferaw Regasa; Dereje Adeba; Jiregna Nugusa; Michael Nones

Linked Author(s): Motuma Shiferaw Regasa, Michael Nones

Keywords: IAHR; Hydrolink; Africa; Fincha River; Ethiopia; land use and land cover; LULC; soil erosion; Motuma Shiferaw Regasa; Dereje Adeba; Jiregna Nugusa; Michael Nones


During the last decades, Ethiopian society started to develop at an ever-increasing pace, transforming the country from a place mainly occupied by forest and uncultivated areas to a region mostly covered by commercial farms and settlements. Such changes caused higher soil erosion, affecting the quality of the inland waters and increasing the rate of siltation in hydropower reservoirs. Focusing on the Fincha River, we are studying past land use and land cover changes, to predict future trends and to evaluate how they alter the river sediment yield. The final goal is to develop guidelines for the sustainable management of the entire sub-basin.


Year: 2022

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